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strengthening corporate stakeholder relationships
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Is your organization going through change?
(merger, acquisition, change management, new strategy, new product launch, building program)? 

Are you concerned about what’s happening to your stakeholder relationships, because your messages are unclear and conflict with each other?

We work with a wide variety of for profit and not-for-profit organizations that are going through a change in strategic direction.  What is common to all of these organizations is they want to develop, maintain and manage strong relationships with all their key stakeholder groups through actions and communications. 

Our clients are driven to balance the needs of multiple stakeholders against each other while creating a positive outcome for all.  Managing how an organization positions itself for, and communicates with, each stakeholder group can be daunting for even the most experienced communications and stakeholder relationship managers.

You can have communications that are both aligned with your mission and that help your organization achieve its business objectives with multiple stakeholders.  Different parts of your organization can communicate through messages and actions that appeal to their specific audiences but do not conflict with what other parts of your organization communicate.  You can have messages that cross over stakeholder segments work together and help build advocates for your organization.

Forrest W. Anderson bridges the gap between management and communications.  He has been helping organizations develop compelling, synergistic communications that are aligned with the organization’s mission and help it achieve business goals for more than 20 years.  After defining management objectives and identifying stakeholder wants and needs, Forrest develops messages that say what the organization wants to say in language that appeals to key audiences.  He analyzes and synthesizes these messages into a communications hierarchy that appeals but does not conflict.  Finally, he tests the messages to ensure they have the desired, persuasive effect. 

With an MBA in marketing and management policy from Kellogg and 30 years in public relations, primarily in senior account-planning and insight positions, Forrest has brought targeted strategies and results to organizations throughout the United States.

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managing corporate relationships   strengthening stakeholder relationships stakeholder relationship management
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